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Monday, July 15th, 2019 by Starcom Intern

At Starcom, we have been working with JamesHardie for over 25 years and are confident in the quality and performance of their siding. We believe their products give a distinct look compared to vinyl or aluminum siding. They have been in business for 129 years and their products have adorned the sides of more than 8 million homes across North America. Their annual research and development investment reached 20 million dollars last year. This enables them to be at the top of the market with the newest products and innovations. Their siding products are made of fiber cement, not wood, vinyl, or aluminum. They mimic the classic look of wood siding while assuring you that they will last much longer.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 1

The HardieZone System

James Hardie manufactures siding products that are engineered for the climate. They call this “The HardieZone System.” It means that they will engineer siding that has specific attributes to fit your climate. Through eight specific criteria, JamesHardie came up with 10 different zones across the US and Canada. They looked at topographical factors, extreme temperature changes, rain, humidity, ultraviolet exposure, hurricane winds, hail, and snow to decide which product belonged to each region. Because of similarities in regions, they have designed one product line for zones one through five, and another for zones six through ten. The HZ5 product line fights cold, snow, and ice; while the HZ10 product line combats harsh sun, hurricane-force winds, and strong rain. They are so confident in their products, that they offer a 30 year warranty on all products. We service the greater Baltimore area, this means that you would get HZ5 siding. Yes, Maryland can get quite hot and humid, but HZ10 siding is engineered specifically for the harsh conditions of the Deep South. And you will need the cold-resistant technology of the HZ5 line to combat winter weather.

HZ5 siding is engineered with the highest quality raw materials and proprietary additives. Combining state-of-the-art materials with innovative manufacturing processes and product designs, JamesHardie provides a siding that is superior in resisting damage from wet and freezing conditions. Hydrophobic additives are chemically bonded into the HZ5 substrate matrix to assure its moisture resistance capabilities. HZ5 siding features a modified profile with a sloped top and bull nose drip edge for the best drainage possible. JamesHardie has three main siding product lines; the HardiePlank, the HardieShingle, and the HardiePanel. Let’s take a look at all three and their subcategories.

The HardiePlank

HardiePlank lap siding is their best selling product and the most popular brand of siding in America. JamesHardie offers a full spectrum of colors and textures to accommodate anyone’s aesthetic needs. It comes in four different textures and multiple different colors. There are three ways to pick a color for all JamesHardie siding. If the texture is part of the Statement Collection, you can choose one of 15 different colors. If the texture is available in the Dream collection, you can choose from over 700 ColorPlus finishes. Or you can choose to have the siding primed for paint so you can paint your own color on.

            Select Cedarmill & Beaded Cedarmill

The select cedarmill siding is their most natural looking product. It mimics the soft and inviting look of natural wood. The beaded cedarmill has a rounded bead on the top and bottom of each piece. This provides contrast by creating a shadow. They are both available in the Statement Collection, Dream Collection, and can be primed for paint.

Select Cedarmill

JamesHardie Siding - Image 2

Beaded Cedarmill

JamesHardie Siding - Image 3


            Smooth & Beaded Smooth

The smooth siding provides a clean and sleek look that would do well with a minimalist design. Once again the beaded smooth has a rounded bead on the top and bottom. They are available in the Statement Collection, Dream collection, and can be primed for paint.


JamesHardie Siding - Image 4

Beaded Smooth

JamesHardie Siding - Image 5

HardieShingle Siding

All shingle designs are designed to mimic wood. They provide an authentic look while holding up against the elements. Since the shingle is not real wood, it will not rot, curl, warp, or split. They look great on Cape Cod and cottage style homes and come in four different designs.

            Staggered Edge Panel

The staggered edge panel provides a rustic and relaxed look. With the shingles being staggered, they display an anti-uniformity that can look quite attractive if installed correctly. The staggered edge panel siding is available in the Statement Collection, Dream collection, and can be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 6

            Straight Edge Panel

The straight edge panel provides the rustic look that staggered edge siding provides, but if you are looking for a more uniform and tailored look, straight edge panel siding is perfect for you. It is available in the Statement Collection, Dream collection, and can be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 7

            Half Rounds

Inspired by coastal cottages and farmhouses, the half round shingle provides a charming and quaint look that will give even the most cookie cutter home a distinct look and feel. Half rounds are often used on the upper levels of the exterior of a home to create dimension and depth. Half rounds do not come in any colors but are primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 8

             Individual Shingles 7”

If you are looking to accentuate your home and not have to go through a complete siding project, JamesHardie sells individual shingles that can be bought and installed to all your specifications. Like half rounds, individual shingles are not colored but will be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 9

HardiePanel Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is very versatile as it can provide a rustic cottage look, but can also provide a clean and refined look for contemporary homes. Combining the HardiePanel vertical siding with HardieTrim boards provides a rustic board-and-batten look that makes any farmhouse pop. Or stay minimalistic and stick with clean vertical lines for a modern look. Vertical siding comes in four different textures.

            Select Cedarmill

This is the same soft wooden texture that is on the HardiePlank select cedarmill siding except it is cut vertically instead of horizontally. It is available in the Statement Collection, the Dream Collection, and can be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 10


Once again, this is the same texture as the smooth HardiePlank except cut vertically. It is available in the Statement Collection, Dream collection, and can be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 11


JamesHardie can even provide the warm look of the South with their stucco vertical siding. Stucco can absorb too much moisture and become soft, eventually cracking. Since HardiePanels are made of fiber cement, they provide much more reliability and strength. It is available in the Dream Collection and can be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 12

            Sierra 8

Sierra 8 provides a combination of textures with less hassle. It is made to mimic wood but has sections of clean vertical lines between each vertical board. It is not available in either color collection but can be primed for paint.

JamesHardie Siding - Image 13

Don’t be Afraid to Show Your Style

No matter which style or color you choose, you can be assured that through JamesHardie’s dedication to quality, and our dedication to customer satisfaction, you will be left satisfied and excited with the new look of your home.

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