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Kitchens Case Studies: Award Winning Kitchen Remodel.

Thursday, November 5th, 2015 by Bob Weickgenannt


Our clients' 18 year old home had it's original kitchen and it was satisfactory. Originally, for the two of them, there was adequate storage and counter space.  But over the years, their family has grown and styles have changed. She frequently looks through remodeling magazines and envisioned their new kitchen.  They desired more storage, modern conveniences and a kitchen with pizzazz.  As they were acquaintances with one of our designers, they put their trust in his hands.  

A few difficulties were discovered with this project.  The flooring wasn't level and that had to be corrected.  Also, our  clients always noticed that their back wall was cold and drafty.  Holes were cut and insulation was blown in to take care of this issue. 


The pony walls separating the family room and kitchen were widened with cabinets for additional storage.  They are topped with matching granite to tie in with the kitchen.  We enlarged the center island to also allow for more storage and counter space. 

The mismatched appliances, fluorescent lighting, small double sink and outdated flooring are long gone.  Customer supplied new lighting, stainless appliances, a large Farmers sink and new flooring now add flare.

Their unstable and poorly built pantry shelves have been replaced with stable, wooden shelving.

The Bellavita Cascades tile backsplash accents the rich-looking Romano Blanco granite countertops.  The Norcraft Chelsea cabinetry are stunning with the contrasting dark flooring.   All of the cabinetry have the soft close and easy glide convenience.  Ambient lighting was installed above the cabinets and adds elegance and depth.  

The kitchen is the heart of a home.  When it is beautifully remodeled, the value of the home increases.  

The partnership with our company was a perfect blend.  Our customers are overjoyed with their spectacular new kitchen transformation.  They now have a picturesque, stylish, updated and dazzling kitchen in which the whole family can enjoy.   

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