Starcom picks up 3 MBIA Awards for Excellence!

Friday, June 26th, 2015 by Sophie Haba

On November 6, 2014 Starcom attended our 25th annual MBIA Awards Ceremony. We were excited at our prospect for winning some awards as we had entered 3 very strong projects to the committee for judging.

Judges make award decisions based on a visit to the actual property and after studying before and after photography as well as written accounts of the projects, from the planning and phase to any special challenges or obstacles that arose as the remodel was underway. 

Gold level and Silver level awards are announced for several categories of projects including: Baths, Kitchens, Additions, decks and basements. All of the top remodelers in our area enter their best projects. The event is also attended by representatives from local and national manufacturers and distributors, such as Kohler, TW Perry and Thomas Sommerville to name just a few.

We look forward to the event each years and we consider it our "Night at the Oscars." And even after all these years, it is still a thrill to see our great work up on the big screen, and very satisfying to see our designers and builders get the recognition they deserve.

Here are three award winning projects from this years event. We hope you see something in them that inspires you!

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Our clients' 18 year old home had it's original kitchen and it was satisfactory. Originally, for the two of them, there was adequate storage and counter space.  But over the years, their family has grown and styles have changed. She frequently looks through remodeling magazines and envisioned their new kitchen.  They desired more storage, modern conveniences and a kitchen with pizzazz.  As they were acquaintances with one of our designers, they put their trust in his hands. 

The pony walls separating the family room and kitchen were widened with cabinets for additional storage.  They are topped with matching granite to tie in with the kitchen.  We enlarged the center island to also allow for more storage and counter space. 

The mismatched appliances, fluorescent lighting, small double sink and outdated flooring are long gone.  Customer supplied new lighting, stainless appliances, a large Farmers sink and new flooring now add flare.

Their unstable and poorly built pantry shelves have been replaced with stable, wooden shelving.

The Bellavita Cascades tile backsplash accents the rich-looking Romano Blanco granite countertops.  The Norcraft Chelsea cabinetry are stunning with the contrasting dark flooring.   All of the cabinetry have the soft close and easy glide convenience.  Ambient lighting was installed above the cabinets and adds elegance and depth.

A few difficulties were discovered with this project.  The flooring wasn't level and that had to be corrected.  Also, our  clients always noticed that their back wall was cold and drafty.  Holes were cut and insulation was blown in to take care of this issue. 

The kitchen is the heart of a home.  When it is beautifully remodeled, the value of the home increases. 

The partnership with our company was a perfect blend.  Our customers are overjoyed with their spectacular new kitchen transformation.  They now have a picturesque, stylish, updated and dazzling kitchen in which the whole family can enjoy.   

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Our clients were tired of their drab, outdated kitchen.  The cooking and dining area was far too cramped.  It was an inadequate workspace with out-dated appliances and very little counter and storage space.  The homeowners had specific ideas on what they needed and wanted.  She is a bird watcher and wanted a 180 degree view to enjoy her beautiful backyard and gaze upon the many birds that visited.  Our clients also have grown children and grandchildren and they envisioned a larger, more functional kitchen and a larger dining area so that when everyone sat down to eat, they would all be in the same room at the same table. They checked out our website and then ventured into our showroom where a wonderful partnership soon began.  We had the solution to fit their budget.

The newly updated area is now furnished with all the amenities to ensure our customer’s happiness. Vyara Gold granite countertops, new tile backsplash, new flooring, updated lighting, all add value and beauty. The stylish two-tier island, complete with a bar sink, also provides extra seating. 

Our customers old 90 square foot kitchen now has over 90 square feet of counter space!  Norcraft Villa Cherry cabinets adorn the walls and give much needed storage. 

We removed the old laundry room window but left the opening allowing natural light into the utility room.  The nook by the rear door is a nice place for storage and a convenient place to sit while removing footwear.

The new dining area is encased with Certainteed Monogram Dutchlap and ties the existing with the new, seamlessly.

We had some plumbing difficulties to work out.  To connect the new with the existing, we had to remove some soffit and rework the floor joist system. 

We believe the quality of the construction to be exemplary and the finished carpentry outstanding.

Our designer was able to incorporate our clients ideas with his own experience. A cost-effective strategy was worked out that would allow everyone to succeed.  By re-using some of their windows, our clients window budget was decreased. Our homeowners also bought their own appliances and flooring. 

Our clients are elated.  Because of our commitment to quality and detail and by working closely together, they now have a stylish and updated kitchen.  Their old, not-up-to-code, unconditioned three season room is now a beautiful, spacious dining area for the entire family to enjoy.  It also gives our homeowners an enhanced view of their backyard and the many feathered-friends that stop by.


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Our clients were tired of their tiny kitchen.  The size of the cooking and dining area was far too cramped.  It was an inadequate workspace offering very little storage space.  Counter space was almost non-existent.  They were ready to bring their 100 year old home into the 21st century.  Their kitchen had been remodeled non-professionally many times over the years and the "patchwork" result was apparent.  Their dream was to have a stylish, spacious kitchen which was much more functional and efficient. 

Before our remodel, a 30" opening between the kitchen and the family room made both rooms drab and choppy.  By opening up this area, we ensured a brighter, roomier space. 

A new peninsula allows bar seating and for additional counter space. We raised the height of the peninsula to accommodate our homeowner's stature.  A stylish island range hood was installed above their new gas stove. 

The drop ceiling and z-brick were removed along with the white appliances.  Now recessed lighting and Norcraft Sullivan Fireside cabinets enhance the stylish kitchen.

An under-mount sink, accented with a Moen brushed nickel faucet, are surrounded by a beautiful Kashmir Gold granite countertop. 

As the project progressed, we discovered that the old main water supply line was crumbling and we had to run a new supply line to their home.

With our clients purchasing their new flooring and appliances, we were able to stay within their budget.  

We believe the design and craftsmanship of this project to be exceptional.  With all the beautiful changes and upgrades, the value of this home has increased.

The homeowners are very happy and delighted with the exquisite transformation.  They commented that they will use our company for future remodeling at home and for their business.  The additional counter and storage space exceeded their expectations and their new kitchen area is practical, spacious, warm and inviting.

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