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Saturday, March 7th, 2015 by Sophie Haba

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Curbless Showers for In Law Suites or Just Very Convenient!

Over the years Starcom Design Build has built over a thousand bathrooms!  You spend a lot of time there and it’s nice to have a space that is welcoming. 

In the 80’s, large tubs were the rage.  Garden tubs or soaking tubs were fashionable.  These were quite a bit bigger than your typical 32” wide x 60” long x 14” deep, that are standard in most homes.  Some were upgraded with water jets.  The Jacuzzi Company did pretty well with these, so much that their name has become synonymous with the term whirlpool tub.  The big tubs provided a nice bathing experience.  If you purchased a whirlpool tub with out a built in heater the tub water would cool off fairly rapidly and you got stuck adding hot water frequently.  Depending on the size of tub and your water supply they can take ten to fifteen minutes to fill!  The real issue became how often are you going to use it; a lot of folks found out 2-3 times a year.

Luxury showers have really outlasted the big tub rage.  Starcom has been building them for over fifteen years.  They offer more flexibility, no waiting, an abundance of therapeutic benefits, a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be just as relaxing.  On the therapeutic side, multiple shower heads really make a difference.  Those body sprays directed at your lower and upper back / neck help to loosen you up!    

The curbless shower has benefits for all ages.  For those nimble people washing dogs and kids, not having to contend with the “step over” is nice.  Check out the attached curbless shower we built for a veteran in Silver Spring, MD.  This bathroom meets all of the ADA requirements. Starcom Design Build is a VA certified builder. With plenty of room for a wheel chair to spin around.  The commode is approximately 3” higher than a standard commode which is a great accommodation for adults in general.  The sink is set up with long handles and room for a wheel chair to slide under (insulation on the hot water pipes so as not to burn the user’s legs).  Of all these amenities, the flat shower floor leading to the main floor is the biggest asset.  Even if a wheel chair is not in use the problems with tripping on the curb are very real.  Preformed shower pans are available with no curb; sometimes they have gaskets (providing a very small bump) that hold some of the water back.  We often build custom tile systems that are an integral part of the entire bath floor.  It is very important to install the correct sub structure so water does not create problems below the tile. 

So there you have it, like any remodeling project: good planning, product selection and the right team are king!  

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