Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Whether you are merely looking to freshen up the look of your kitchen or you need to full renovation from the bottom up – Starcom has spent the past 20 years building up our reputation along with houses, becoming the local leader in high quality kitchen and home remodeling.

Geographic Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When you are beginning to consider your kitchen remodel, look to improve your classic work triangle, the pathway from the refrigerator, through to the food prep zone, and then on to the cooking area.

This is your high foot traffic area, and exactly where you will need openness to facilitate speed and efficiency.

But the trick is to maintain enough space to operate effectively in each of these areas.


  • You want to attempt to keep a distance between sink, refrigerator, and cooktop of between 12 to 24 feet, in a straight line.
  • On a similar note, try and keep the sink between to major appliances (since it is used most often often), though you do often have to contend with the plumbing lines on placement.
  • For safety’s sake, your fridge and your oven should each have their own landing zone, even though it is often tempting to place these two large, tall appliances next to each other for spacing.
  • Attempt for at least 10 feet of cabinet space (including lower and upper). This way you have plenty of space for dishes and utensils without a tendency to crowd your countertops with junk.
  • High ceilings are a great way to distinguish intimate dining spaces from your kitchen area without unnecessary barriers which hinder movement and can lessen the longevity of your house.

Design Kitchen Remodeling Tips Maryland

Stylistic elements are generally where people enjoy their planning process the most.

However, it’s easy to get carried away with minutiae.

Take time to plan out the major design themes that you would like before you begin picking out sponge trays and tchotchkes.

What is the feel that you are going for?

Whether you want the efficiency and hard pragmatism of the modern kitchen, or the warm and homey coziness of a country kitchen, it is important to establish your theme early to keep your space consistent.

  • Look at your adjoining rooms; can you keep the basic design contiguous?
  • Given the existing architecture, decide what overall motif fits within the space; a kitchen style, like ultramodern, that utilizes space well might be the best option for a small room.
  • Do you have any artwork you want to incorporate into the space? That heirloom painting or antique bowl might not fit nicely in an ultramodern minimalist cook space.
  • Embrace the history of your home. Most homes have some small architectural section or quirky design element that makes it stick out. Utilize this to really add some personality to your kitchen.

Choose The Best Contractor

Ultimately, no kitchen remodeling tips are going to determine the outcome of your kitchen more than choosing the right contractor.

Find a designer that will work with you, adding years of tips, tricks, and experience to your personal style, to create something that optimally works for you, and your space.

We may be biased, but Starcom Design Build is just the company for you.

Our pride is your satisfaction, and we bring to you 20 years of know-how along with expert remodelers.

Let us turn your tired kitchen into the hearth of your home.

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