Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 by Sophie Haba

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Starcom Design Build will assist you to design your ideal bathroom. Our knowledgeable remodeling professionals, our expert designers, and our many years of experience have helped many of your neighbors to do the same already.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips: The Basics

Our first bathroom remodeling tip is to plan out precisely how you would like to utilize this new bath. Is it to be a Master Bathroom, constructed for relaxation & luxury?

Or will it be a smaller bathroom, efficiently using a limited space?

Or possibly it is one of your high traffic powder rooms, positioned off your main family room or your communal kitchen, and it will get lots of users at holidays & parties?

There are, of course, going to be particular considerations, all dependent upon the ultimate utility of your space:

  • High traffic bathrooms need to be sturdy, pretty but pragmatic.
  • A child's bath will likely need some special childproofing to ensure that they are safe for your little ones.
  • For master bathrooms, don't forget that there is absolutely no such thing as overindulgence, so go all-out on the space.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Lighting & Color

The correct bathroom lighting can be difficult to balance. You cannot have the light too intense with such a tiny room, but there is very little that can be more annoying in a bathroom remodel than ending up without the proper amount of light to see.

Make sure you keep your lights essentially utilitarian, but not too severe, and take special notice of your natural light sources. You must also be aware that windows and other sources of natural light sources will require some blinds or curtains to ensure complete comfort while they are in use.

A crucial bathroom remodeling tip deals with the choosing the correct color for your new bath design.

Often we find that people will tend to steer themselves to plain white (or off-white) walls, largely because white will remind someone of a sterile environment. However, other than the fact that it is very difficult to relax in a hospital atmosphere the way you will want to relax in a bathroom, it will be a wasted opportunity to do something special.

Some bathroom color choices that will often look fantastic against your lighter hallways are bold, bright hued, primary colors, matched up with a light trim. This way, if you regularly leave the door open, it will create a lovely contrast, and, for somewhat more pragmatic reasons, it will also make it easier to note those times when the bathroom door is closed (avoiding any embarrassing mishaps).

A final piece of advice on your remodeling color scheme deals with your bathroom artwork. Choose colors and hues that will help to set off the portraits, photographs, and/or artwork you want to decorate the room with.

The obvious adjoining tip here is that you should pick out pictures for your bath, because unsurprisingly people will want something to stare at while they must sit for extended periods of time in the small space.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips:  Hardware

When it comes to planning the hardware for your bathroom remodel, try to choose styles that will fit their practical purposes as well as conforming to your overall design motif.

A nice modern bath, with its sharp geometrics and bold colors would look rather odd paired with an antique Victorian toilet.

In the end, our bathroom remodeling tips for the plumbing and electrical aspects of your bath design are simple; get an experienced, professional contractor to help you out. They will know exactly how to properly assess your space in terms of where the existing lines lie, how to utilize them correctly, and what is safe.

Starcom Design Build can offer you the service of our many certified designers and builders, all of which work together to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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