Home Theater Design

Saturday, June 13th, 2015 by Sophie Haba

Home Theater Design


Are you looking for home theater design in Baltimore, Annapolis, or Columbia, Maryland?

If you have a television, you already have a home theater, and a new design for it is easier than you might expect.

Keep reading below to see some project possibilities, and then call us with your ideas at1-410-997-7700 or fill out the "Contact Us" form on the website!

First, Identify The Space

The room in which you plan to install a multimedia system can make all the difference in the world.

The very same equipment can sound completely different depending on the room.its size, shape, placement of furniture, and wall/ceiling material.

People install home theaters in their spare bedrooms, second dens, main living areas, and in remodeled basements.

You can alter these spaces and variables to an extent, but you should try out your sound system in the different possible spaces and configurations before you commit to any specific room or design.

After all, you plan to spend many hours of enjoyment in this room, so it should sound the way you want it to.

Next, Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Whether thinking about adding on a room or remodeling an existing one, you should be aware of just how many styles are available to you.

Classic, contemporary, or futuristic, the designs for your new home theater are as limitless as your imagination.

Who says that themed rooms are only for kids?

  • A submarine setting, complete with porthole windows containing in-wall speakers
  • A classic theater setting with velvet ropes, luxury seats, and plush carpets that take you right back to the romantic days of Hollywood furs and fedoras
  • Sci-fi fans can recreate their favorite extraterrestrial vessels
  • Sports fans can smatter the walls with their favorite team.s colors and paraphernalia
  • Film buffs can have movie posters framed to stylize the walls with their personal tastes
  • Inside or outside? By no means are you limited to indoors Starcom can hook you up with waterproof, glare-resistant equipment anywhere: above your Jacuzzi, beside your pool, or in a movable unit for a sunroom

Not into fanciful themes? Go classic:

  • Choose neutral colors and shapes for the walls and furniture, truly allowing the audio/visual components to shine
  • Basic doesn.t have to be boring. You can use raises and drops in the flooring and ceiling levels to improve viewing experience and sound quality
  • Avoid the clutter of speakers and equipment with in-wall installations. Your Starcom contractor can help you design a home theater with audio/visual equipment that.s invisible and out of the way, leaving your room a versatile entertaining and living space

We are happy to share our portfolio with you so that you can see what other people have done with the help of Starcom Design & Build.

Look at examples of how other homeowners are designing their home theaters.

Then click here to see some of our recent projects and to get some more ideas.

Third, Think Budgets and Priorities

Big ideas don.t have to be unrealistic dreams, but you do have to prioritize according to your budget.

We recommend writing down everything you would ever want or need in your personal home theater design Maryland, and then breaking them down into the following groups:

Need to have from the beginning:

Here you might include the size and type of television and speakers you want. These are the centerpieces of your theater.

Other initial needs include things like game systems and flooring. If you are going to install graduated flooring and seating, it's best to do it in the very beginning.

In-wall speakers and sub-floor AV wires.any special wiring or construction necessary should be considered top priority.

You can always upgrade your sound system, but it's best to establish the shape and setting early on.

Dedicate about half of your overall budget to these first must-haves, and split the difference between the following two categories:

Would like to have at first:

Shelving and storage space to keep the place from getting cluttered up.

Coffee or end tables, a u-shaped sofa and love seat, or a couple of easy chairs.

Comfortable seating should be prioritized right after the construction/remodeling costs.

Give yourself a place where you will love to spend extra time.

Let Starcom Design Your Home Theater

Special props, collectibles, a wet bar, a billiards table, works of art, or those amazingly comfortable theater seats with drink holders.these are all things that you can either wait for or upgrade to at a later time.

Decide which of these you really want with your budget allows, and reward yourself every once in awhile with a new item from this list.

A Starcom contractor can help you realize your home theater design Maryland in a shockingly short amount of time.

You could design and finish your home theater within a couple of weeks and be ready to host your friends for the next big game or awards show.

You will avoid hidden costs because we will give you an accurate and honest estimate.

And we back our work 100%.

Visit our list of Associations and Groups to view our credentials.

“We just want you to know how much we have enjoyed using our new home theater.

If I had known how easy it would be for you all to make the installations and design modifications to the room, I would have done it a long time ago.especially seeing how much we have saved over the last few months.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on going out to eat and to the movies, we order in pizza and watch movies in front of our flat screen.

The room will pay for itself in no time with how much saving. Thanks again!”

- Jim B, Baltimore, MD

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