Small Bathroom Remodeling

Friday, February 6th, 2015 by Sophie Haba

Below are some tips and ideas to help you envision the best way to utilize small bathroom spaces.

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Small Bathroom Ideas

You can begin remodeling a small bathroom and end up with a big one, purely through proper lighting, colors, and mirrors.

Even the seemingly tiniest of spaces can broaden up if treated with the right combination of design techniques and creativity.

Mirrors are your small bathroom.s friends. And no need to settle for tiny; make it big and your area will quickly appear larger.

A large and intense frame with bold colors can really help make your mirror a focal point.

Remember that you are not attempting to fool guests into thinking the space is bigger with your mirror since their eyes will naturally do that anyway; so think big and you will succeed in drawing their vision to the reflected surface.

Really no small bathroom remodeling project can be finished without mirrors.

The Importance Of Lighting

Another practical way to fight the small space is to add good lighting which can open up the dark corners to make the space more comfortable and inviting.

A skylight, as well, can do a lot to make a space feel more airy and bright.

What type of window treatment you need takes special consideration in a bathroom, because anything that does not cover completely or easily can make your guest feel very uncomfortable, however anything too dark and dimming can hurt the small bathroom space.

Do not forget to look at the doors when planning your small bathroom remodeling in Maryland projects; a different door can also work to extend the feel of the space.

Try thinking about things like reeded glass paneling on your door that would let in more light, as well as breaking up the monotony of the door, and creating an interesting focal point on what could be a bland wall.

Sinks And Showers

Sinks and showers can help immensely, if they are designed cleverly. 

A sink is necessary of course, but why not utilize all the space around and under it?

They are ideal places for towel racks or shelves and cabinets.

A clean, clear glass shower stall can really extend the visible walls (maybe try a half wall for privacy, though how often do you shower in your small bath with visitors?), further opening the space up for your comfort.

A complete small bathroom remodeling job is not only about conserving space and transforming the bath into something roomier.

We always consider design and style elements; visualizing how your tiny bathroom will integrate into your full house.

Frequently, the loveliest small bathrooms will create a contrasting color palate to the walls and hallways that surround them.

Attempt, say, a bold deep maroon heated up with a golden trim or perhaps an intense forest green accented with a cool airy blue against plain white or otherwise neutral walls.

Simply keeping the door open turns your bathroom from merely a bath space into a larger design feature.

To Top It All Off…

A final element that will really add some style and ornamentation for your remodeling small bathrooms project is to break up the wall and floor space with clever patterns.

Consider some small detailing tiles on the floor or sunny bold molding patterns.

Breaking up solid spaces with subtle lines and sections will make your small bathroom into something stylish, lavish, and elegant.

Sometimes the small bathroom remodeling jobs can become the largest remodeling jobs because expert design is so crucial.

Therefore, talk to our designers about the real tips of trade, and you will create a room that is relaxed and appealing.

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