How To Design A Great Modern Kitchen

Thursday, October 15th, 2015 by Sophie Haba

How To Design A Great Modern Kitchen


This page presents some ideas for creating your ideal modern kitchen, with all the amenities and style.

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The elements in contemporary kitchens include pieces that emphasize pure angles, simple though bold color schemes, and sweeping geometries; all combined to create a clean, fresh, atmosphere. Many go with a modern kitchen because, beyond being fashionable, they are also practical. They will maximize open space, utilize the most advanced appliances, and often keep all these features hidden or out of the way.

Modern Kitchen Elements

  • Frameless cabinets with European hinges (aka concealed hinges).these, combined with very simply hardware, will create a flat seamless expanse along your cabinetry. Basically, it is like concealing all your shelving in a wall, making your space open and clean, but still capable of holding copious amounts of goods.
  • Translucent or Frosted Glass.either in cabinet or in doors, frosted and translucent glass panels will add a level of visibility without corrupting the overall minimalism or cleanliness of the modern kitchen space.
  • Bold Geometrics, Clean hard angles.with most contemporary design spaces, an emphasis is on minimalism, both for aesthetic and for pragmatic reasons. With bold, harsh angles used with metals and wood, you create optimum space with minimum clutter.
  • Manmade surfaces.everyone wants granite countertops, but manufactured or manmade materials often come with a plethora of benefits, and look sleek and neat for a contemporary kitchen atmosphere.
  • Metallic Finishes.on your hardware, accents, and appliances, metallic finishes can really add that industrial touch so necessary for the best ultramodern look.
  • Strong lighting.overall ambient or track lighting should be very strong in order to both accent the play of shadows from the angles and curves, and to add the purity to the open space.
  • Sweeping curves.either in your cabinetry or your countertops, you need some contrast to your hard angles. A sweeping curve will add movement, bring down the harshness, and add organic elements to your modern kitchen.
  • Soft grainy add the naturalism to your contemporary cooking space, try utilizing soft grainy woods for your island and cabinetry. Most kitchens of this type emphasize natural forms as well as the harsher manmade forms. These soft woods will offset the industrial metal features and create something balanced and organic.
  • Clever Seating.either through nuzzling your kitchen table up to the island, or from simply extending the corners of your island or countertops, you can create efficient seating cleverly. This keeps your space clean and open, while still taking into account your need for practical seats for friends and family.

Ultimately your dream kitchen is up to you, combining the design elements you love with what works for you in a pragmatic sense.

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