Home Addition Costs Columbia MD

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 by Sophie Haba

Home Addition Costs Columbia MD


What Factors Contribute to Home Addition Costs?

Knowing the factors that contribute to home addition costs can help you prepare a realistic budget that will allow you to properly plan for any addition you desire. The major factors that contribute to the overall price include:

  • Preparation and design costs: These costs include fees paid towards the architect or designer, construction permits, demolition, and site preparation.
  • Construction costs: Material and labor costs associated with foundation work, framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, exterior surfaces, interior surfaces, and finish work.
  • Project management costs: Costs incurred from hiring a general contractor, subcontractors, and any necessary inspections.

Other factors that may increase the amount of money you need to invest include insurance, repairs, and clean up.

What are Some Typical Home Addition Costs?

The following list provides the average costs of some typical home addition projects. These costs can greatly vary depending upon the state you live in and the contractor you hire.

  • Bathroom Addition: Having a contractor expand your home for a bathroom addition costs approximately $25000 – $50000, but can exceed $40000 – $80000 depending on the size and quality of the space being added.
  • Bedroom AdditionExpanding your home for a basic 10×15 bedroom can cost approximately $7500 – $22500.
  • Family Room AdditionIncorporating a new 400-square-foot family room into your existing home can cost approximately $30000 – $100000.
  • Second Floor AdditionHiring a contractor to add a second floor to your home costs approximately $225000 – $450000.
  • Deck AdditionA small deck addition can cost approximately $1000 – $1900. A larger deck can exceed $4000 – $25000 depending on size and materials.

How Can I Estimate My Home Addition Costs?

To create the most accurate budget estimate for your home addition project, follow these steps:

  • Contact your city’s building commission to learn what costs are associated with the building permits you require.
  • Measure the amount of square footage to be included in your addition using spray paint or string.
  • Ask your general contractor for the total cost of labor broken down into hourly rates for individual workers and any additional expenses paid by the contractor him/herself.
  • Request labor and materials costs from subcontractors such as electricians, carpenters and plumbers.
  • Outline a schedule for the completion of your home addition to help you pinpoint all costs.
  • Determine if you will use a bank loan to cover your home addition costs. Incorporate the interest rate, along with other loan fees, into your overall budget.
  • Include any costs related to appliances, furniture or other decorative items associated with your addition.

If you would like to ensure that your estimate is as accurate as possible, try using an online home addition estimator.

Are There Any Hidden Home Addition Costs?

Although many contractors may not admit this up-front, there are several hidden costs associated with planning for a home addition. These costs include:

  • Unexpected delays or problems
  • Last minute design changes
  • Unplanned upgrades
  • Impact on taxes, insurance, and utility bills
  • Decorative enhancements

How Do I Choose the Best Contractor for my Home Addition Project?

Incorporating a new addition onto your current home is not a simple project that you as a Maryland homeowner can take on alone.

Walls will need to be knocked down, new plumbing and electrical may need to be installed, and your home’s foundation may even need to be expanded. Your best bet is to hire a qualified contractor.

Although your home addition costs may seem a little steep at first glance, remember that a good contractor will often need to charge a little more to ensure his work is the highest quality it can be.

You can call your state Contractors Licensing Board or the Better Business Bureau to uncover any bad reports that may have been filed against contractors in your area. In addition, ask for references and try to personally inspect the work the contractor has done elsewhere.

What Should I Know About My Home Addition Contract?

When you are happy with the contractor you have chosen, begin discussing the terms of your contract. Although the contractor will have his or her own contract, you have the right to have your lawyer review it and make changes.

Some of the information that must be listed on the contract includes:

  • Contractor’s name, address, phone number, and license number
  • Start and end dates for the project
  • Detailed description of project
  • All home addition costs, including any permit fees
  • Payment schedule
  • Contractor’s warranty policy and manufacturer’s warranty information
  • Insurance requirements

If the contract requires an upfront payment in full or payment in cash, those are red flags. Consider working with another contractor.

Why Should I Choose Starcom Design/Build to Complete My Home Addition?

Starcom Design/Build Corporation was founded in 1986 by Bob Weickgenannt, and has since grown into one of the largest and most respected construction companies in Columbia, MD.

Our primary goal is to remain committed to integrity, excellence and client satisfaction for all of our residential and commercial clients. We take special pride in the fact that, every day, we help homeowners turn the houses they have into the homes they desire.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what one of our clients hast to say about his experience:

“Last year my wife and I decided to add a master bedroom to our small Columbia home. We did some research and decided to hire Starcom Design/Build to handle our addition. It was the best decision we’ve ever made! The contractor from Starcom was always prompt and courteous. He and his workers completed the project on time and made sure we knew what was going on each step of the way. I would definitely recommend Starcom to anyone who is considering adding an addition to their home. THEY ARE THE BEST!”

Dennis Holmes,
Columbia, MD

Starcom Design/Build Corporation is somewhat unique amongst other Columbia and Howard County construction companies in that we not only address the concerns of homeowners with large budgets, but also those of homeowners with modest budgets.

That’s something we’re especially proud of, particularly in these trying economic times.

To contact us for a FREE consultation, please call 1-410-997-7700 or fill out our online form. We guarantee that, if you choose us, you will not be disappointed.

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