How to Revamp Your Outdated Laundry Room

Friday, March 13th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

The laundry room is usually overlooked when it comes to remodeling your home. The laundry room sees a lot of traffic, especially if you have a larger family. Because of this, it should receive the same amount of care as any other living space. These tips can make you laundry room feel comforting and make doing laundry more enjoyable.

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New Appliances
If you have an older washer and dryer, consider upgrading to new models. Opting for newer laundry appliances can help you save energy and money. Based on the amount of space you have, take into account top- or front-loading washers and dryers. Front-loading washer and dryers can also be stacked to utilize even more space.

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New Sink
Adding a new sink or updating your existing one can elevate your laundry room. Opt for a sink with a pull-out spray. Deep utility sinks are perfect for soaking clothes, spot cleaning, and washing delicates. Farmhouse sinks are also trending in laundry room designs.

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The storage system is the key for any organized laundry room. If possible, add new cabinetry with plenty of storage area. You can also add drying racks, open shelving, and hanging rods. Throw in some matching hampers or clothes baskets to tie the room together.

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Folding Station
If you have enough space, add a folding table for a convenient place to get stuff done. If space is limited, you can add a fold up table to the wall that easily retracts for more space. You can also add a countertop surface on top of front-loading washers and dryers. You’ll want to choose a durable counter material, like quartz, that can handle detergent and bleach spills.

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Changing the paint is an easy way to refresh your laundry room. Use light, airy hues to give the space a fresh, clean feel. If your laundry space is smaller, you can experiment with bolder colors. Bolder, more vibrant colors can give the room life and personality.

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If you don’t want to commit to painting your whole laundry room a bold color, consider adding a backsplash. A vibrant, patterned backsplash can add a burst of color in an otherwise plain-looking space. Subway tile is a popular look for laundry rooms. If you aren’t a fan of tile, you can also use patterned wallpaper.

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New light fixtures can change the mood in any room, including the laundry room. Ample light is important for any laundry, especially when doing tasks like stain removal. Aside from the main light sources, you can also incorporate decorative lighting or under cabinetry light.

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Spice up your laundry space with a decorative rug or wall art. Adding décor elements can make the room feel like a living space rather than a utility room. A rug can add a pop of color and provide your feet some relief from that hard flooring or tile.

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