Our Process

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Our Process:

Starcom has over 30 years of experience in giving customers the home that they always dreamed of having. Our customer friendly process ensures that the customer gets the home that they dream of. We do this with a couple steps that will ensure customer satisfaction and understanding what a remodel will look like for you.


Remodel design

The first step is to contact us with your plans for your home and then from there, we will set up a complimentary appointment to further discuss how we can make that plan come to fruition. The next step will be to show you some of the past work we have done for other customers to help make the decision a little easier on you. Once you are happy with what has been presented, it will be time to put that plan into action.


Putting your plan into motion

The last step is to put the plan into motion and have your home look the way you always wanted it to look. We will complete the project in an efficient manner that will not only accommodate your time but also make sure that the project is completed exactly the way you wanted it.


Why wait?

Don’t wait to get the dream home that you’ve always desired, call us today at 1-410-997-7700 or use our website to schedule an estimate appointment!

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