What is Universal Design?

Monday, October 12th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Universal design is a unique remodeling concept for anyone that lives with people that are elderly, has a disability, handicapped, etc. The design has to be accessible for everyone so that people can use it efficiently and effectively, while also keeping them safe.

Equal Use

The design has to be able to be used by everyone and doesn’t disadvantage or stigmatize any group of users and is available for people with diverse disabilities. The space should be able to be used by everyone at all times.


Flexible Use

Universal design should accommodate a vast range of preferences, such as being right or left handed, and abilities that provides the user with choice in the methods of use. The design is very accommodating for everyone based on what accommodations they need.

Simple Use

Using this design is very easy to understand, it doesn’t matter how much experience, knowledge, language skills, or current concentration the user has because it eliminates any complexity.


Necessary Information

Universal design communicates any necessary information effectively to the person who is using it, regardless of any ambient conditions or the user’s sensory abilities; uses picture, audible, or any tactical methods.

Tolerance for Error

Universal design minimizes hazards and any consequences that come with accidental or unintended fatigue. Everything in the space comes with fail-safe features built in to protect the user from any risk of injury.


Appropriate Size 

The size and the space for the room is based on the necessary approach, reach, manipulation, and use for the user, regardless of the user’s body size, posture, or ability to move around. The design has to be specific to the user’s needs on what works best for them and be able to fit any request they make for the space.





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