Dreadful Remodeling Mistakes

Thursday, November 5th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Many mistakes can be made during the remodeling process by inexperienced contractors or by people attempting to DIY an entire project. They can have a harmful effect on your homes short-term and long-term needs if they do not have the proper experience. In the short-term it can affect the way your house looks, wears, and appeals to others, as well as physical issues within the home if the remodel is not completed correctly. The long-term value of your home can be affected by the remodeling project you complete whether it be poor craftsmanship or distracting design choices. Avoid these mistakes to not only get the remodel you want, but also to keep the value in your home.

The “Do it all yourself approach”

Customers generally know what they would like to change or improve in their home. However, if they don’t have any design or construction experience they may not be aware that there is preparation, detailed construction plans and skilled application involved in a home project. Some homeowners are adding more harm than good by attempting a remodel that is too complicated for their skill set. We will help you design the best plan possible and complete the project for your home that looks magnificent and increases the overall value.



Contrasting styles

Make sure that any addition matches the style of your home; it doesn’t have to be an exact match but make sure at the very least it complements the home well rather than detract from it. Any style chosen that doesn’t go well with the home will make the whole house look awkward and out of place. An addition that is seamless with the existing structure is what differentiates a poor design and an outstanding design.


Poor materials

If budget is an issue, it is better to do a smaller renovation with high grade materials than a large renovation with low grade materials. It is obvious when someone has completed a remodel with substandard resources. Poor materials will have two major negative effects on the home. In the short term, the remodel will probably not end up being what you really wanted for your home because poor materials will decline at a faster rate. Secondly, in the long-term, when you need to sell your home, buyers will be able to see if the remodel was built with bad resources. Stick to the higher grade products for your home and it will be much more cost friendly in the long run. It might cost you more money up front but you will end up saving so much more in the future because the value of your home will be much higher when you need to sell it and the project won’t need to be redone.


Code violations

When a contract is made with a potential buyer, inspections will be scheduled to make sure that everything is up to code in your home. For an addition you will need the traditional permit that will allow you to expand or add onto your home. In a kitchen you will need an inspection and eventually a permit for the structural (if you are changing the structure), electrical, plumbing, and gas work, along with any other local permits required in your area. In bathrooms you will need a plumbing inspection and permit (if changes are being made), as well as an inspection on the ventilation. If they find that something wasn’t wired properly or you weren’t allowed to have a certain aspect of your home due to neighborhood code, e.g. an in-law suite that doesn’t follow neighborhood code, then you have a massive problem on your hands. Infractions can ruin any sale of your home, so don’t take the risk and always get a permit where one is needed.

Garage transformations

Homeowners sometimes look to their garage when they want extra living space by turning it into a rec room, studio, additional bathroom, etc. However, a lot of potential buyers would prefer a spot to park their vehicle over extra living space. If you need an extra living area or a garage, contact us and we will help you build that addition that you need while keeping all the value in your home.


Poor energy usage

Everyone is looking to save energy due to the skyrocketing cost of utilities. Make energy efficiency a priority in your home and if you are able to, look into spending a little more money on energy efficient windows or doors, as they will save you more money in the long-term by tremendously reducing your utility bill on a monthly basis. If you are remodeling an older home, you should also look into upgrading the insulation, as that is another great way to save energy. There are many different types of insulation including: blanket, concrete block, foam board or rigid foam, insulating concrete forms, loose fill and blown-in, reflective system, rigid fibrous or fiber insulation, sprayed foam and foamed-in-place, and structural insulated panels. Each one has their own energy saving advantages that will save you money in the long run. Many buyers are looking to save energy and keep utility costs low, so making an investment in energy efficiency will definitely make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

Poor room access

Finished attics are more popular now than ever before and they can add tremendous value to your home. However, if there isn’t proper access to the room that can take away from the value of an additional room; the same can be said about a bedroom that can only be entered from another bedroom, which is common when a larger bedroom is divided into two smaller rooms. Make sure every area has proper access from a common area like a hallway, living room, or a great room.


Not thinking about long-term needs

Make sure when remodeling, that the changes you are making will still meet your needs 5, 10, or even 15 years down the line. Take your time with the project and don’t jump too quickly into it before thinking about all of the decisions you have to make. Thinking about the bigger picture may help you think of newer ideas and help you make much more informed decisions that will affect your home’s short-term and long-term future.

An in-ground pool

Customers who are looking for a new home either love swimming pools or hate them, there is very little middle ground. If you do not plan on selling your home anytime soon and you really want a pool, then most definitely go for it, just keep in mind that a lot of potential home buyers will cross the home off their list and will reduce your homes marketability.


A lot of these mistakes can be left up to interpretation. If any of these things are what you really want in your home, like an in-ground pool, then go for it. Just be sure to think about the short and long-term implications.




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