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Tranquility Tub from Sterling by Kohler

Friday, March 31st, 2017 by Starcom Intern

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Tired of the dingy ring around your tub? Do you have a tub or shower that is chipping and peeling? Looking for a bath product that is durable and beautiful? The Kohler Sterling Tranquility tub is made from high quality materials and comes in multiple sleek designs, perfect for completing any bathroom remodel.

Over time shower tile gets dirty, it can crack, and the paint can begin to peel

Most tubs get dingy over time, the paint chips away, and tiles crack; meaning you have to spend time caulking the leaks yourself or spend more money replacing the tub altogether. Some companies promise you a durable product guaranteed to last you a lifetime, but they cant promise all the same benefits and features available with the Sterling Tranquility. Painting over or covering the problem isn’t an adequate solution. We know that everyone wants to put products in their home that will be affordable, safe, and long lasting.

When it comes to bathroom designs, we know a thing or two about creating beautiful designs and making sure we use high quality materials that suit the customer’s style, and their wallet. Kohler’s Sterling Tranquility tub can fit seamlessly into any bathroom design where the customers are looking for something a little different without skimping on quality.


The Sterling Tranquility tub is composed of solid Vikrell© material, exclusive to the Kohler Company. Vikrell© is a composite material, made from resins, an organic substance that is insoluble in water, fiberglass, and filler. The material is compression molded into one solid piece using pressures of 1,500 to 1,800 tons. The material is molded into large lightweight pieces that are structurally rigid, nonporous, and heat resistant.

Buying a Sterling Tranquility tub comes with a lot of added benefits. Keeping their customers in mind, Kohler came up with a product that will cut cleaning time in half, without sacrificing any of the design and beauty in your bathroom. The tub comes in two different finishes, high gloss and swirl gloss. The high gloss surface repels dirt and water, and the swirl gloss is scratch and stain resistant; making cleanup quick and easy.

Tranquility Tub from Sterling by Kohler - Image 4

There is an option to have jets on the tub, which would be perfect for the oval shape, and really gives the bathroom a spa-like feeling. The oval shaped basin set inside a rectangular surrounding means that it would fit wonderfully into a bathroom alcove, or as a regular shower/tub combo. Thanks to the Vikrell© material there is no need to worry about paint chipping or color fading. The tub is color molded throughout, meaning the layers are pressed together firmly, without using paint or any coating to give it its bright white color. You can be confident the tub will be durable and last without losing any luster.

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