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Friday, April 14th, 2017 by Starcom Intern

Natural light, it’s what all homeowners and home buyers are looking for these days. Big windows, skylights, or sunrooms, There are a lot of ways to bring the light into your home. A new innovation to bringing in natural light is sun tunnels. These cylindrical windows beam light from the top of your house downward, and can be put virtually anywhere. People are using sun tunnels to brighten up hallways, closet spaces, bathrooms, or even adding light to living spaces

Sun tunnels are an energy efficient way of lighting your home and make very unique and interesting design pieces. There are two types of sun tunnels that can be installed, flexible or rigid. Flexible sun tunnels installation allows the sun tunnels to be placed in area where there are obstructing fixtures in the way. The materials used are easily maneuverable and make for a quick installation. Rigid sun tunnels are used for installations where there is a straight line from roof to ceiling.

Sun Tunnels - Image 2

This is an example of a sun tunnel bringing light into a bathroom. The tunnel is placed directly above the shower, bringining in a bright open feel. The light shining down makes it so that you can't even tell that the light source is natural. This particular installation used a flexible verison of the sun tunnel skylight.

The rigid sun tunnels do allow a brighter light to shine through, and are perfect for longer distances between ceiling and roof. However, both options are energy efficient and eco-friendly, the light brought in by the sun tunnels reduced glare by providing direct light into the home. In flexible sun tunnels the light refracts in through a mirrored dome shaped glass that comes from the roof, the light bounces through the curves of the sun tunnel and into the home. This means that you are able to maintain the high level of brightness in the room and emulate the brightness that light fixtures give.

Customizing your sun tunnel is easy to do and can be done during installation. Choosing the specific kind of lighting that you want in your home means that you can create the kind of environment you envision in your living spaces. The overall nature of sun tunnels can be seen in the underground desert homes to allow in sunlight, but in the modern home they are a unique design feature. The best quality about sun tunnels is they are one of those special design features that offer both function and design.

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