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The New Solar "Fresh Air" Skylight by Velux

Thursday, June 6th, 2019 by Starcom Intern

Skylights were first introduced in the early 1940s by Danish engineer, Villum Rasmussen, whose name and mission live on today through his company Velux, an industry leader in producing residential skylights. Although modern home owners have become more interested in installing skylights, many are resistant due to a lack of perceived value, concerns over internal temperature control and water leaks and overall project expenses.

Starcom Design- Build has been carrying and installing Velux skylights for over 30 years and stands by their innovative and quality-guaranteed products. In those 30 years, we have witnessed firsthand the benefits that Velux’s products bring to homes and also how their company has gone to great lengths of designing a product that eliminates many of the worries homeowners have had about skylight installations in the past. The company’s newest product, The Velux Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight, provides large benefits to homes while also eliminating consumer worries through its innovative design and company-backed guarantees.

The Value of Velux Solar

According to studies, we now spend approximately 90% of our time indoors ( so it has become increasingly important to monitor the air quality within our homes. The Environmental Protection Agency has indentified numerous sources of air pollutants that cause unhealthy living environments, including:

  • Building materials
  • Heat sources like gas and oil
  • Improperly functioning home appliances
  • Chemicals used in cleaning and personal care products
  • Heating and cooling systems

These pollutants can start to build up and form unhealthy concentrations in homes without proper mechanical ventilation. Many homes have been built to minimize any amount of outdoor air from getting into the home. According to the EPA, these homes that have been constructed to limit airflow could also be prone to higher pollutant levels and consequently an unhealthier breathing atmosphere.

The New Solar \"Fresh Air\" Skylight by Velux - Image 1

Velux’s Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight is an innovative design that is changing the way we view our homes. Not only do they bring in more natural light than regular windows but the Velux skylight allows our home to breathe along with us. Depending on weather, the Solar Powered Velux Skylight allows homes to exchange their indoor air for fresh air up to three times a day which reduces allergens, humidity and mold which can all increase asthma and respiratory problems by 40% (Velux).

How it Works

So how does it work?  The Velux Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight is very easy to use and incredibly low maintenance. The panels, which can be installed on all types of roofing and work for flat or vaulted ceilings, are entirely solar powered and Velux provides a 5 year, 100% warranty for any motor problems. The “Fresh Air” Skylight is also compatible with the Velux Active indoor climate control, an innovative system that monitors the breathing conditions in the inside of your home for you. This system comes with climate sensors that can measure your home’s temperature, humidity level and C02 levels which become unhealthy around 1,000ppm (parts per million). The sensors then pair with your smart phone through the Velux app which can give you full knowledge and control of your indoor climate. When you are not operating from your phone, the Velux skylights can adjust automatically off of set preferences and timers. The sensors can even connect to the internet to give feedback on your indoor climate as well as study local weather forecasts where they will automatically close blinds for added heat protection or close completely with incoming inclement weather. Lastly, the system’s departure switch will close skylights completely and only limit function to the blinds. With Velux active and Velux Solar “Fresh Air” Skylights, controlling your home’s indoor climate is as integrated or as hands-off as you want it to be.

Keeping Control of the Inside

Many homeowners are rightfully apprehensive about skylights because of any possibility for water leakage or losing the internal temperature of your home. However, Velux safeguards consumers from both of these concerns.

Velux installs their product with the commitment for a no leak guarantee! All skylights are installed with 3 layers of protection. The first layer includes a deck seal or gasket that provides a seal between the skylight frame and the roof. Secondly, an adhesive underlayment is applied to guarantee water protection in the harshest weather conditions. Lastly, flashing is installed on the outside for primary water protection. On top of all that, Velux will cover up to $1,000 on any water damage caused by their products.

Velux Skylights are certified to protect the inside of your home and 90% of their products are Energy Start Certified. All skylights are made with Neat® glass, which is able to quickly disperse water so the glass does not get dirty or leave water spots. This reduces any maintenance required on the end of the homeowner.

The New Solar \"Fresh Air\" Skylight by Velux - Image 2Neat® glass is low emissivity (LowE), meaning that it emits low levels of thermal energy. Light will pass through, however heat from the outside is reflected back out and heat on the inside is kept in. Therefore your home will let in more natural light and be able to retain internal temperature in harsher conditions during the summer and winter months.

In addition to its clean look and energy efficiency, Velux offers a few different glass types to ensure maximum security for your home:

                Impact- This glass has added strength to withstand penetration from flying debris.

                White Laminated – This frosted glass holds together if it is broken and has a white coating that helps diffuse more light throughout the home’s interior.

                Snowload- If you live in an area that receives heavy amounts of snowfall, this glass is certified to support additional weight that occurs during the winter.

To control your home from the amount of incoming light, Velux skylights can be fitted with a variety of blind options including: room-darkening, light filtering, blackout and Venetian. Once again, all blinds can be controlled through the Velux Active monitoring system.

Save With Velux

Installing Velux Solar skylights comes with considerable benefits to homeowners that go beyond cosmetic appearances. Velux products are designed to help reduce the homes dependence on AC, therefore lowering total electric usage by a large amount. The ability for skylights to bring in twice as much natural light will lower electricity costs through reducing how much artificial light you have to use in your home.

Aside from reduced energy costs, installing Velux’s solar products comes with a 30% tax credit on the product and installation in your home! Due to government energy initiatives that are effective through 2021, choosing Velux Solar will make consumers eligible for a 30% tax credit toward all project costs.

Starcom has partnered with Velux for over 30 years because of their inventive products and commitment toward customer care. Most recently, the company was awarded the Danish Design’s Icon Award in 2019 for its commitment to quality and innovative designs, being labeled the “iPhone of Windows”.





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