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The Eze Breeze Window System

Friday, February 14th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Enclosing your porch or patio can add an extra room to your home that you can use for anything. You can turn it into an entertainment space, exercise room, reading nook, or anything you want. Eze Breeze offers a simple solution to getting the most use out of your outdoor space.

Three Season vs. Four Season Rooms
A three season room is perfect for utilizing unused space. A three season room can be used most of year. However, they are not insulated. This means that they’re not ideal during extreme cold or hot months. Three seasons rooms are usually closed off to the rest of the home and feature an exterior door. Because three season rooms are added to existing decks or patios, there are fewer structural changes.

Four season rooms are used year-round. Because of this, they do require insulation. Insulation allows for the room to be air conditioned and heated to maintain a comfortable temperature. Four season rooms can be open to the rest of the home and do not require an exterior door. Four season rooms can be used for an extended period of time; however, they are more costly than three season rooms

Eze Breeze Windows
The Eze Breeze window system can turn enclosed porches and decks into three season rooms. The units are made out of transparent vinyl vents and durable, aluminum frames. The transparent vents offer clear views while weighing and costing less than glass. The vents also feature a memory film, so, if they are distorted, they will return to their original shape in minutes. The vents also tilt inward for easy cleaning and maintenance. Eze Breeze windows are custom made to fit any size needed. For smaller openings, Eze Breeze has fixed vinyl windows to match the tracked panels. Eze Breeze also offers multiple frame and vinyl colors to match your home’s style. Tinted vinyl colors are great if you want to reduce heat from the sun.

                                Eze Breeze Window System - Image 1Eze Breeze Window System - Image 2

                                                Frame Colors                                   Vinyl Colors

Eze Breeze offers multiple products to help build the perfect outdoor space. These porducts include vertical four-track panels, horizontal side sliding panels, matching entry doors, and fixed windows for smaller spaces.

Eze Breeze Window System - Image 3

Vertical Four-Track Panels
The Eze Breeze Four-Track Windows feature four individual windows panels on their own track. This allows for the panels to slide up or down effortlessly. They can be opened to up to three-quarters of the window area to let in breeze, offering 75% ventilation. They can also be removed and stored, leaving only the screens in place. The panels also include tilt-in vents to make the cleaning process easier. Two mounting options are available, outside or inside. Outside mounts come with screens attached and are mounted to the exterior of framing posts. Inside mounts can come with or without screens. Inside mounts are attached to the interior of framing posts, which makes them perfect for on the second floor or spaces that require railings. 

Eze Breeze Window System - Image 4

Horizontal Side Slider Panels
The Eze Breeze horizontal side slider panels are full-length panels that move back and forth. The panels are on corrosion-free nylon rollers, which make opening and closing smooth and easy. The side slider panels are available in two and four-track versions. The two-track model offers 50% ventilation while the four-track offers 75% ventilation. Similar to the vertical panels, the side slider panels can be removed, leaving screens in place and allowing for 100% ventilation. For openings that are too small, Eze Breeze offers a heavy duty fixed lip-frame. The frame matches the existing panels for a consistent look. The lip-frames are also available in a trapezoid shape – perfect for gable roofs.

Eze Breeze Window System - Image 5Entry Door
Eze Breeze offers a heavy duty aluminum door to finish your enclosure project. The door will match perfectly with the Eze Breeze window panels. Entry doors are offered in outswing and inswing models. They also come in either a vertical four-track or fixed style. The two-inch thick doors use regular door handsets and deadbolt. This makes Eze Breeze entry doors stronger and more durable than traditional storm doors. The entry doors has no exposed weather-strip, installation screws, or unsightly notches. It comes standard with factory installed threshold and pre-hung on a heavy duty hinges.


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