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A Look at Ditra-Heat

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Ditra-Heat and Ditra-Heat Duo

The Ditra-Heat electric floor warming system uses uncoupling technology, or forgiving shear interface, that prevents tile cracking, as well as heating cables that will allow customers to add heat wherever they want. The uncoupling technology goes through free space, which allows for in-plane movement that neutralizes the movement stresses that lead to cracked and delaminated tile.

Ditra-Heat Duo is similar in nature to Ditra-Heat; however, Ditra-Heat Duo also comes with a waterproofing membrane and an integrated bonding fleece that will provide sound control to your home.


Advantages of Ditra-Heat

  • Electric floor warming system will add style and warmth to your home
  • Uncoupling technology to prevent tiles from cracking and breaking
  • Customizable heating areas with heating cables and studded mats
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal assembly allows easy changes to lower surface coverings

Important Features of Ditra-Heat Duo

  • Sound control and thermal break
  • Reduces impact sound transmission throughout floors
  • Easy integration of heating cables to create a heated floor
  • 70% faster heat-up times over concrete flooring
  • Lightweight

When deciding between Ditra-Heat and Ditra-Heat Duo, the choice ultimately comes down to how advanced you want for your tile. If you only want the heating aspect of the tile, then Ditra-Heat is the product for you. If you want the more technologically advanced tile that not only offers heating, but offers soundproofing as well, then the Ditra-Heat Duo is the product most suitable for you.




Ditra-Heat membranes are made to secure the heating cables in place while serving as substrates for tile coverings. They stop any movement between the substrate and the tile covering to prevent cracked grout and tile. They also provide waterproofing, vapor management, load support, and sound control.

The membranes serve as a waterproofing layer that protects moisture-sensitive substrates, such as plywood/OSB. Free space on the underside of the matting provides a route for the extra moisture to prevent damage to the tile layer.

The membrane is unique to what style you purchase. If you purchase Ditra then it has a 1/8” (3mm) - thickness which minimizes tile assembly thickness and reduces transitions to lower coverings. Ditra-XL is 5/16” (7mm) – thick to create an even transition between typical 5/16” (7mm) – thick tile and 3/4” (19mm) – thick hardwood flooring. They are easily installed over concrete, plywood, OSB, gypsum, vinyl floors, structural planks, sub-floors, and radiant heated floors.

Heating Cable

The heating cables are specifically made to go with the Ditra-Heat membranes and they are easily snapped into place. The cables can be installed without a thermostat and produce very little electromagnetic fields.


Thermostat and Power Module

There are three options when it comes to thermostats: programmable touch screen, programmable touch screen with Wi-Fi capability, and digital non-programmable. All of them are compatible to 120 and 240 volt formats. Which thermostat you choose depends on what you want, if you just want a touch screen that you can design yourself then the first option is the best for you. If you want to step it up one level and have a touch screen you can design along with the ability to connect your Wi-Fi to it, then the second option is the best for you. If you just want the traditional thermostat without all the extra features, then the third option is the choice for you.

The Ditra-Heat-E-RR power module extends power output when used along with the programmable touch screen thermostat and the digital non-programmable thermostat via low voltage 2 conductor 20 AWG signal wire. It extends power output by 15 Amps in large floor applications and supports 120 V and 240 V cables.


New Ditra-Heat Estimator Tool

The Ditra-Heat estimator tool asks you a number of questions to help determine which products are needed to complete a heated tile project. You can refine any of the details in the tool so that it gives you the most accurate recommendation. Once that is completed, it will give you a list of recommended products to help you continue with your heated floor project.

Ditra and Ditra XL

Ditra and Ditra XL address the problems that can lead to damaged tile such as: movement, moisture, and heavy objects. The membranes provide the foundation to the tiles to ensure that none of those problems arise.

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