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Thursday, September 10th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Steam Ovens

Anova is one of the first brands to recognize that steam can be used for precise temperature control, faster cooking speeds, and traditional baking techniques. Anova is the second company to introduce a steam oven in the country, behind Tovala. Steam is a much better conductor of heat and steam. When combined with heating algorithms, steam can maintain levels of precision far better than the old and traditional ovens. The ovens have two temperatures, temperature of the air inside the cavity and the temperature that the food experiences. The temperature the food experiences is lower because the water that evaporates off of the food cools it down. Foods don’t dry out in this oven because there is nowhere for the water to go. In addition, this oven offers faster cooking and you don’t have to worry about using a really hot pan to sear.  There isn’t a set price yet but it is believed to be around Tovala’s steam oven at $300.

steam oven

Smart Kitchen Hub                

The “Julia” from Cookpal is a smart kitchen hub that can measure, chop, mix, blend, knead, steam, and cook all your ingredients all with the same device. This device comes with some awesome features such as: a voice assistant, hundreds of recipes, cooking guides, system uses AI food recognition, comes with personalized food recommendations, and you can do all of your shopping on this device. This device can be used as a food processor, scale, steamer, kneading machine, slow cooker, mixer, blender, rice cooker, yogurt, or even an ice cream maker. The price is a bit high at $1,000 but as time goes on the smart kitchen hub seems to be a device made for future kitchens.

smart kitchen

Smart Thermometer

Yummly has a new smart thermometer that uses dual temperature sensors to monitor food and oven temperatures at the same time. It’s completely wireless, can be tracked using Bluetooth, and by the end of 2020, it will be able to adjust temperature settings on whirlpool ovens.

Ovens with Air Fryers

LG has introduced their newest product called the LG InstaView ThinQ Range with Air Fry. It uses LG’s smart compatibility with InstaView technology all into one oven. The range syncs with LG’s app gives users the ability to look through thousands of recopies from LG’s smart cooking partners at SideChef, Innit, and Tovala. At this stage the “air fry” part is only a little more than a branding term but just like the smart kitchen hub, it’s a product for future kitchens.

oven with air fryer

Drinkworks Home Bar

Keurig has introduced the Drinkworks Home Bar product, it was first launched in 2018 but it has now expanded to use alcoholic pods, so you don’t have to go out and buy any of your own liquor to use the home bar. It can prepare cocktails, beer, and more at home using the Drinksworks pods. Each drink is made with a pod specific level of carbonation and chilled water. They offer a variety of pod collections such as special cocktail offerings, leading beer brands like Beck’s, Bass, and Stella Artois, and signature mixers. The Home Bar comes with everything you need to get started. Two CO2 canisters, cleaning tablets, and a water filter are all included in your purchase.

Home Bar



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