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Stunning Garage Remodel in Dayton, MD

These homeowners requested a bigger garage that could house their brand new beautiful Tesla. Their old garage was small and cramped, not the place you want to keep a stunning new car.

This new garage was top of the line; we wanted to include a multitude of features that would make this garage space seem like more than just a garage. The garage was transformed into a drive through, where you could pull in the back of the garage, and then pull right back out the front when you go to leave. This was so convenient for the homeowners, and made great use of the space they already had.

Inside the garage we installed a drain for washing the cars there was no need to go outside if it was too hot or too cold. The interior of the new garage is insulated, dry walled and heated making it the perfect space for the homeowners to host their daughter’s gradation party.

The existing garage was not torn down; instead, we transformed it into a laundry room and mud room. This is something the lady of the house wanted, in order to keep the kids from tracking mud in and out of the house. Also, to have a space specifically designated for doing laundry was a nice addition. The new garage was given a brick face exterior to match the existing brick on the home’s exterior.

This family was so impressed with the creativity and innovation in our design. They feel like they made the best use of the space, and they got a lot out of the design that they weren’t originally planning on having. They are absolutely planning on recommending us to their neighbors.

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