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Additions Case Studies: The Jackson Pergola in Beltsville, MD

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 by Carly Weickgenannt


The Jackson's have a small backyard that receives direct sunlight. There was not enough space for a full porch. An awning looked too rigid and did not blend in well with their landscaping. They needed a structure that would provide enough shade for a patio area but not overwhelm their limited space. 


The best option for the Jackson's backyard challenge was a pergola! A pergola is an outdoor archway structure that usually consists of wooden or vinyl framework. Typically pergolas are covered with climbing plants or outdoor lights. Vines can canopy over the top of a pergola to offer the perfect amount of shade in the hot summer months.

Pergolas transform a boring yard to a comfortable seating lounge. It creates a defined place for the family to gather and dine. In addition, drapes, screens and latticework can provide additional privacy if needed.

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