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Additions Case Studies: Garage Solution in Spencerville, MD

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 by Starcom Intern


Carrying handfuls of groceries in from the car is not an easy feat in the rain. Trying to shovel your car out from a mountain of snow can be dangerous and is a lot of hard work. Worrying about traipsing dirt in from the outside means extra clean up work for you. No one wants to have to worry about these kinds of issues, especially when you get to be of an older age.

Our customer came to us because she was having to battle the elements and inclement weather whenever she left her home. Sometimes the trip from her car to her front door or vice versa took a long time and she really needed a solution for her predicament.


This homeowner, an elderly woman, wanted to build a garage off her home because she wanted an easier and safer way to get from her car into her house, especially when she had her hands full. This 20’x22’ was not only built for parking her car, it also gave her a ton of added space for storage. Built in cabinets were the perfect place for storage and keeping all her holiday decorations in a dry and safe place.

A drop bench was a good place for her to take a rest in case she needed to take a break while going from the car to the house. Luckily we made sure that the trip wasn’t that far for her because we built a vestibule connecting the house to the garage.

A window on the side of the garage guaranteed that she had plenty of light. A vent kept the garage well ventilated. She loves the ease and convenience that the addition of the garage has brought to her life and wishes she would have done it sooner!

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