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Maryland Deck and Sunroom Builder

Adding a sunroom to your Maryland home using quality sunroom or deck addition plans can be one of the most satisfying experiences a homeowner can take part in.

A new deck or sunroom can often quickly become the family’s favorite spot to gather and entertain others in and they tend to use these relaxing retreat spaces all year long.


Types of Sunrooms

Screened Room or Screened in Porch is an economical choice of sunroom, espeically in Maryland. It is built with completely meshed walls to allow natural air flow but not insects. In the Maryland climate, it would be considered as a spring-through-fall-use style of room.

Seasonal Sunrooms are typically built to be used from spring to fall, and have either simple pane glass or screens. For your sunroom cost, these are going to be on the least expensive range, and are not built to be air conditioned or heated.

Knee-wall Rooms are an increasingly popular option, and consist of a short, generally decorative wall up to windowsill height, and then continue into large insulated glass windows. This allows for increased privacy as well as wall outlets, but maintains a wide, open view of your surroundings.

Conservatories and Solariums represent the higher end of the cost scale. They are fully incased rooms that allow a panoramic view, but made of insulated glass and are heated and air conditioned. These sunrooms need permits in full accordance with a room addition. Ceilings are glass, often sloping, to allow a stream of soft light in all day long and a view of the stars at night.

Other Sunroom Options

Material of the Wall

  • Aluminum: Not the best insulator, but strong and relatively inexpensive.
  • Clad: Midrange price, good insulator, and low maintenance.
  • Wood: Beautiful traditional look, but can require heavier attention to maintenance.
  • Vinyl/PVC: Inexpensive, good insulator, but not as strong and usually require steel or aluminum supports

Types of Glass

  • Single Glazed: simple single pane glass. Ineffective insulator and only used for seasonal sunrooms.
  • Double Glazed: two levels of glass filled with either air or gas. This is the basic insulated glass and the minimum for a home.
  • Triple Paned: more energy efficient than lesser levels with twice the insulation.
  • Low E-Glass: coated with very thin layers of metallic oxide which provides a type of window sunscreen that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Argon Filled Glass: filled with the non-toxic and dense argon gas, improves the energy efficiency of your windows with greater insulation.
  • Tempered Glass: also known as safety glass, it is heat-treated to break into little pieces rather than dangerous shards, like your car’s windows.

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