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Remodeling Case Studies: Whole House Remodel in Catonsville, MD

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 by Starcom Intern


When working with an older home it is common to run into a few hidden surprises once you start opening up the walls and floors. In the basement, we found some asbestos surrounding a pipe in the floor that had to be removed safely. Throughout the home we found electrical wires and water pipes that were not being used or were improperly installed. In an older home, especially one that has not been well-maintained, electrical issues can be one of the most dangerous issues to come across. Outdated wiring running through the whole house, especially if the wires are still live, has the potential to start a fire. On top of the outdated wiring we found several electrical outlets that did not work all over the home, we had those removed and sealed.

There was a leaking radiator in the laundry and one in the foyer; we fixed both. Water damage over a long period of time was part of the reason the original hard wood floors on the main level couldn't be salvaged. The thermostat for the heat and A/C was not functioning properly, and there was rust covering all of the radiators. The stairs had several gaps and cracks, and the ceiling, near the chimney, needed to be repaired.


We transformed an outdated home, in Catonsville, into an award winning remodel! The Bromley’s came to us because their home, which was over 100 years old, needed some serious renovating. The Bromley’s settled on this home after moving from upper Virginia, and they loved the fact that the house was within walking distance to downtown. They always dreamed about being able to retire in an older home and we wanted to transform this space into something that they would be happy with in years to come.

Every room in the house needed work done and we were just as excited as the homeowners about taking on such a large project. Some rooms had to be torn down to the studs, but it was important to the Bromley's that we preserve as much of the homes original features as possible. One thing they were adamant about saving was the brick fireplace which was badly damaged, inside and out. We repaired the internal structure and enhanced it with a new brick profile. We replaced all the flooring on the first floor but were able to keep the second story flooring. The original heart of pine floors were painstakingly repaired, refinished, and restored to their original glory. Fitting perfectly into the rest of updates we made around the home.

All interior and exterior windows and doors were replaced to make the home more energy efficient. On the exterior of the home we worked to remove all old cable wiring that was hanging out, and we patched up the holes. 

In the end, it was a stunning transformation. Our awesome design team was able to see this home renovated and restored to its original condition, with some modern updates added in. The home is overflowing with charm and style. The homeowners are so thrilled with our design and remodeling expertise, and now have a home that they will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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Director of Design: Jerry Harman

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