5 Ways to Make That Old Storage Basement Into a Comfortable Mancave

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Many older home models utilize basements as a storage area rather than an additional living area and because of that, many people with these older homes are looking to turn those old basements into comfortable living areas. Following these helpful tips will put you on the path to turning your basement into a comfortable living area and entertainment center.


Everyone has different style tastes for everything, whether that be, walls, furniture, or color. Style is something you have to determine before you can make any kind of decision about your mancave. With walls you have to determine whether you want a more cozy, modern, or classical style of mancave.  Along with the walls, the next immediate choice usually is what you want the room to be, the color of the room you choose says a lot about the atmosphere you want for the room as stated in our previous blog post.  Lastly, the style of furniture you get and the placement of that furniture also says a lot about the room that you are creating, so it is important that you make these decisions with your style and vision in mind.



Lighting is critical to the mancave because it sets the mood of the room. Some people like their mancaves with less lighting because they think it brings out the movie atmosphere that they are looking for with their room. Other people like a brighter room and for the mancave to be like a more traditional room rather than a “cave”. The choice is ultimately up to you and whatever style you prefer but it is a very important one.

bright roomdark room


Ultimately, this room is supposed to be a place where you can go relax whenever you please. To go with the lighting and the style of the room, you have to decide what style of entertainment you want in the room. You might want to have a bar, poker table, pool table, etc. that you can enjoy with other people. When no one else is around you might want to kick back and relax and watch TV, so the other type of entertainment that should be looked at is TVs and speakers. How big and what style of TV do you want for the mancave? How many TVs do you want? It’s becoming more and more popular for people to have multiple TVs in the same area to be able to watch more than one thing at a time. Speakers are another big decision for the room because not only do you buy speakers for sound, but it’s part of the style of the room to go along with the TV.



The mancave ultimately has to be comfortable for you, because if it’s not comfortable then what’s the point of it being a relaxation area for you? Comfort comes in two parts, physical comfort and mental comfort. Physical comfort is the obvious, are you comfortable on the furniture you have in the room? Furniture selection is crucial to the room because ultimately you have to be comfortable there or you won’t to use that room too much. Mental comfort is important because you ultimately have to be at ease with how the room looks because the room is for you to enjoy.



Finally, will the mancave meet your expectations? That is arguably the most important part, because you are going to be the one who is in there the most, so it’s important that you like it or else you won’t ever want to use the room you just remodeled. It’s critical that you create the room in your image and how you envision it or else it probably won’t meet your expectations.


Failing to acknowledge these five key aspects will result in disappointment in the room.

When making decisions about your mancave don’t forget to take style, lighting, comfort, entertainment, and expectations into account.


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