13 Ways to Maintain Your Home During the Fall Season

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 by Starcom Intern

Deep Clean the Kitchen

You should set aside one day to deep clean your kitchen so that your space is still efficient and looking great! Some of the tasks that come along with cleaning the kitchen include but are not limited to: degrease the range hood and filter, clean the oven, clean the refrigerator coils, clean tile grout, clean light fixtures, cleaning small appliances, clean out the refrigerator and throw away expired items, wipe back splash, etc.


Clean Gutters and Downspouts

It is very essential that once the leaves have fallen during the season, that you clean all of the leaves out of the gutters and downspouts. If they are not maintained then they will allow water to sit there and “pool up” which will result in your roofing and siding possibly being damaged. If you are unable to clean your gutters, you can hire someone to help you out. It is imperative that all of the leaves are cleaned out.


Make Exterior Repairs

You should take a quick stroll around your property and make sure that nothing on the outside needs to be repaired before the winter season starts. It can be hard to schedule exterior maintenance and repairs during the winter because of the harsh weather. The repair can also be finished more quickly because there is no weather delay.


Seal Small Openings Where Animals Could Enter

One of the worst feelings is when you go down to the lower levels of your home and you see a mouse or rat in your basement. Critters like to sneak into small gaps of your home because they are cold and looking for warmth. In order to prevent that from happening, seal up gaps of any size that you may have in your home. This will also stop the heat from escaping outside.

Make Sure Your Walkways, Stairs, Railings, and Driveway are Prepared for the Winter

Take another walk around your house and make sure your walkways, stairs, railings, and driveway are in good shape for the winter season. The last thing that you want to have to do is worry about fixing any of those while you are cleaning off your walkways and driveway after a snowstorm. It is also important to make sure that they are safe because of your safety; you don’t want to get injured while cleaning up snow because your railing is broken or one of your stairs is coming apart. This will also protect the safety of any guests, neighbors, mail persons, etc. that you might have come to your house during the winter season.


Tasks that are Usually Forgotten

It is essential to clean your ceiling fan blades and air vents or else they can become dusty as a result, which will in turn make other parts of your home dusty. This will also help with anyone that has a dust allergy; it will allow cleaner air to flow. Flipping your mattress is important to make sure the comfort filings of your bed are evenly distributed and that you use each side of the bed so that one side doesn’t get worn out.

Wash Small Rugs and Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Wash any small rugs you may have in your home as part of your cleaning and it would be smart to schedule a professional carpet cleaner to come to your home. It is a good idea to get this done now because carpet cleaners tend to get busy starting in November.


Vacuum Dryer Vent

Vacuuming dryer vents is a pretty major task to complete when getting your home ready for the fall because it can help prevent house fires. Lint from your clothes can build up and start to restrict your dryer’s airflow which creates a fire hazard. It also might be time to look into purchasing a new dryer if the buildup is bad and hasn’t been attended too.


Store Patio Furniture, Umbrellas, Toys

Be sure to store away anything that is left outside during warmer weather such as patio furniture, umbrellas, or toys. Anything that is left outside in the winter can be ruined as a result of bad weather. If you can’t find any space to store the furniture, then you can always put furniture covers over them or if you have any space in the garage then you could store them there.


Inspect Garage Doors to See if Seals are Working Properly or if They Need to be Adjusted

Make sure to take a look at the seals on your garage door are working properly. This is crucial because if the seals aren’t working as they should then more cold air could come in. As a result, your home and garage will be really chilly! Making sure the garage door is sealed has many benefits such as: saving energy, keeps rodents out that could damage your property and bring illnesses into your home, and it keeps out harmful fumes from getting into your home. By doing this it will keep water out that could ruin the garage floor and any personal possessions you may be storing.


Organize Your Pantry to Prepare for Holiday Cooking, Inspect Spices and Other Staples for Expiration

Make sure your pantry is organized the way you want it for the holiday season so that it is easier to find what you are looking for when it is time to cook. Also, make sure that spices and, other items that are often overlooked have not expired. This will prevent you from running out to the grocery store multiple times instead of enjoying your cooking and baking.


Clean Out Closets and Switch Out Summer Clothes for Warmer Clothes

Make sure your closets and drawers are organized in a way that it is easy to see all of your clothes. It is about that time to put away summer clothes because the change of season has begun! Any clothes that you don’t use and plan on using, you should look into donating those clothes to help the less fortunate.

Deep Clean Shower Head

Last but certainly not least, make sure you deep clean your shower head. Make sure you clean anything that has built up in there or else it could hurt the water flow and negatively affect the water pressure that is coming out of the shower head. Mold and mildew can also grow in the shower head if not cleaned regularly. Also, you can be exposed to a lot of harmful bacteria and it is very unsanitary if the shower head isn’t cleaned properly.



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