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Garage Additions and Renovations

Garages are often treated like a giant storage box—for cars, junk, or boxes.

And though you may be hesitant to making a structural change to your home, a garage addition or garage renovation can not only raise the utility of your home, but greatly improve the overall home value and set it apart when it comes time to sell.

Do you need a garage remodel or renovation? Garages come in all shapes and sizes—they can be an attached garage, attached with double doors, detached garage, or have a breezeway. Perhaps you already have a garage but would like to renovate. 

There are many options when reworking a garage space:

Garage Renovation: Add to the usefulness of your garage space with a simple renovation. Restore the beat-up and worn area into a clean state. From repainting the concrete to installing shelves, we can give you back the utility of a new garage.

Garage Remodeling: A garage remodel is a great way to reorganize your room into something that gives you everything you need. Set up a tool and construction area, a pit to work on your favorite car, or even an indoor play area for the kids.

Garage Conversions: Another great way to add significant value to your home and make more out of your neglected garage is through a repurpose. It is a type of garage remodel where you shift the purpose of the room into something you can better enjoy: consider an entertainment or rec room, complete with heating and air conditioning, TV, couches, pool tables, etc.

Are you ready to build a new garage? Please contact our office in Ellicotty City Maryland today to get started!


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